Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Events in the Story

1. Trip to the river (the good times) - When David was younger, he did not suffer from child abuse his mother presented at an older age. Once, they took a trip to a river not far from Johnson's Beach. This was David's favorite trip and memory of his family.

2. Arm Accident - David's mother soon began to change drastically in her behavior. She beat David often, and once she popped his arm out of place. She claimed he had fallen out of the top bunk in his bed.

3. The Burns - One day, David is forced to put his arms and body over the kitchen stove. He figures out that if he can stall his mother more, she will give up when his older brothers come home. He continues this method throughout his abuse.

4. Starvation - David's mom soon started to play a little game with him, by starving him constantly for days at a time. David became weak and skinny, and his mother often let him eat only the leftover cereal left in his brothers' breakfast bowls.

5. Last Trip - The family vacations one last time at the Russian River by Johnson's Beach. David is abused by his mother still on this trip, and he doesn't have very much fun anymore. He feels like his family is falling apart.

6. His Father Fades Away - From the years 1968 to about 1971, David's abuse is continued more and more frequently. He tries stealing from other childrens' lunches because of his hunger, and is only punished even worse. When David's father is away, the abuse is much greater. He tries to get his father to help him, but he never offers much. David is very lost without his father, and sleeps in the basement all alone.

7. The Stabbing - David's mom becomes very drunk, and while in her rage she stabs David accidentally. The wound is not taken care of properly, and it becomes infected. David shows his father, who just tells him to keep doing all the chores that his mother insists he should do.

8. The Games - David's mother has always played little "games" with him. She invents a new one called The Gas Chamber. She dumps many chemicals into a bucket, and while they are reacting she puts them in a bathroom with David. He cannot breathe during these periods of time, and nearly dies several times.

9. Father Leaves - David's mother's games continue. He is forced to do everything for his drunken mom, and soon after a fifth child is born, David's father leaves them for good. David is left with his mother in the home, and begins to lose hope of ever escaping the household.

10. Rescued - David Pelzer was saved from child abuse by his school teachers and principal on March 5th, 1973.

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