Sunday, November 27, 2011

Page 91 of "A Child Called It"

     In this part of the book, David is standing before his father, showing him the wound his mother just gave him in the stomach. David's mother had just accidentally fallen and stabbed David in the stomach. She quickly wrapped it with gauze and left David to finish washing the dishes. Now, David is standing infront of his father, waiting to see his reaction to the wound. All his father says is, "You go back in there and do the dishes. I won't even tell her that you told, okay?" At this point in the book, David loses all respect for his father. It is clearly shown that his father cannot be the savior that David is hoping for. For some reason, David's father is too much of a coward to help David and to get them away from his mother. This page's description of how David's father does nothing to help him, makes me almost hate his father more than I hate his mother. It is evident that his mother is suffering from a mental disease, that is worsened by her drinking. His father, however, has no excuse other than the fact that he is too much of a coward to even try saving David from his mother. Pelzer feels all of these same emotions, and portrays them through his writing. As I read this part of the book, particularly this page, I could feel Pelzer's hatred for his father and also his loss of hope that his father would ever be his rescue.

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