Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 major incidents in the book

1. Mitch meets Morrie in his college class. - Mitch first meets Morrie when he is a young man first starting college. He decides to take many classes that Morrie teaches and they become very good friends, often meeting on Tuesdays to discuss many different topics.

2. Morrie appears on television. - This is a very important event because without Morrie being on tv, Mitch would've never returned to Morrie to visit. After this moment, Mitch decided to visit Morrie every week because he was dying. This event was the beginning of Mitch changing his life.

3. Morrie's death. -  Even though the reader knows from the beginning that Morrie is going to die, it is still a vital part of the book. The entire story leads up to this point, near the end, and when it happens Mitch can finally deal with Morrie's death and take everything he learned from him to use in his life.

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