Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Main idea of the book

     The main idea of the book is about Mitch Albom, who after seeing his professor on tv, goes back to reestablish the friendship they created in college. Since his years in school, Mitch slowly turned away from his family and put too much emphasis on his job. He lost many of his moral values that were taught and discussed with his professor Morrie in college.
     After seeing Morrie being interviewed for a news program, Mitch goes back to visit him only to learn that he is quickly dying. Mitch decides to spend every Tuesday with Morrie to just talk about life, similar to how they did back when Mitch was in school. Morrie teaches him main life lessons and refocuses his attention on family and love.
     The story that Mitch tells to his audience teaches to never let yourself get away from what is really important in life; family. Not only biological family, but friends or even teachers that you have made in your lifetime.

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